Speed Reading

Speed Reading

So Much to Read . . . So Little Time!

Speed Reading is the enhancement program which is based on the ultra-fast reading, memorizing & reproducing and hence the student perceives the ability to understand the process of the activation of the image, also, let our psyche to see an unmistakable picture and the methodology of picture simply like the connection of viewing motion pictures.
Speed reading is the skill of moving the eyes, and some other external pacer, across and down a page of print at a rate which will avoid regressions, reduce sub-vocalization and induce better concentration
Speed reading is any of several techniques used to improve one’s ability to read quickly.
Speed reading methods include chunking and minimizing sub vocalization.
Sub vocalization is the little inner voice you have when reading that speaks the words aloud.When you started reading you probably spoke out loud with that voice, but you learned to silence it as you got older.If you turn your attention to it, however, you can still hear yourself making the sounds of the words in your head. Speed reading experts claim that sub vocalization is the bottleneck that slows down your reading. If you can learn to just recognize words visually without saying them in your inner voice, you can read much faster.

Types of reading
There are 3 types of reading

  1. Mental reading (Sub vocalization): sounding out each word internally, as reading to yourself. This is the slowest form of reading.
  2. Auditory reading: hearing out the read words. This is a faster process.
  3. Visual reading: understanding the meaning of the word, rather than sounding or hearing. This is the fastest process.

Mental readers generally read at approximately 250 words per minute. Auditory readers read at approximately 450 words per minute. Visual readers read at approximately 700 words per minute. Visual reading is a skill that can be developed through continuous training and practice.

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